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Safety Requirements For Ferris Wheel Production
Jun 27, 2018

Day wheel, also called the ferris wheel, in view of the ferris wheel in recent years, many big arm fracture, such as accident, casualties occurred many times, in order to further find out each production unit in the ferris wheel and similar equipment design, manufacture, installation, the problems in the using process, the implementation of enterprise product quality responsibility, run in with similar equipment safety, safety and quality of new production equipment, prevent the happening of the accident, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine bureau, China special equipment inspection and parts production enterprises, held a workshop, design for manufacturing enterprise relevant safety requirements.

One, after all the ferris wheel production unit should be comprehensive design, including structure, weld arrangement, calculation and analysis, use, maintenance, routine inspection requirements, etc., and submit the design summary, summary should be at least the following contents:

1. Searched the content, found what problems, and how to solve them;

2. The design and calculation of the ferris wheel should meet the following requirements:

(1) basic data must be provided with clear and clear reasons for its origin and reference;

(2) provide the operating condition description. The operating condition must at least take into account the starting, stopping, sudden reverse and urgent stopping of the cabin at the bottom position, horizontal position and top position; The analysis and calculation of each component (all security-related components) in the above state are given.

(3) for manual control by the operator, it is necessary to consider the influence of starting torque and stopping torque of the motor, or eliminate such influence through design;

(4) analytical method to calculate must have a model for the force and direction of the size and location, a complete calculation formula of symbols (letters) and complete data generation into the display, convenient audit accounting;

(5) for the traditional analytical method is not convenient to calculate the appropriate USES plate and shell structure finite element calculation of review, but must be combined with the drawing process, operating mode, indicating the boundary conditions (constraint and load), the finite element analysis results to analyze its rationality criterion;

(6) static strength and fatigue strength of the moving parts must be checked;

(7) the effect of strength reduction must be taken into account in the calculation of weld seams.

3. For the requirements of design documents, please refer to the requirements of amusement facilities design;

4. Conduct safety evaluation of the final design and declare that all safety uncertainties and design defects have been eliminated after inspection and rectification

2. Production units that fail to complete the comprehensive design inspection shall suspend the production of ferris wheel vehicles;

Three, the ferris wheel and similar equipment manufacturing, and installation of quality control for checking and seriously implement, submit checking summary (how to strengthen the process quality control, what measures were used respectively, and how to implement);

4. The equipment of the ferris wheel must be checked, and the inspection plan, project, test method and deadline should be given. Inspection requirements:

1. The inspection period of the accident unit shall be before August 31, 2013, and that of other units shall be before December 31, 2013;

2. Check the correctness and compliance of the design data of the equipment in use;

3. Check the consistency between the actual equipment used and the design, including the inspection of important welding seams. See the minutes of the meeting on March 18 for specific requirements.

4. The inspection process shall be documented and documented;

5. Stop using immediately after troubleshooting and finding problems, carry out targeted analysis and determine the rectification plan;

6. The local quality control department and users shall be informed in writing immediately of the major problems found in the inspection;

7. After the completion of the inspection and rectification, the summary report was submitted and the statement was made that all the equipment had been inspected, which completely eliminated the security uncertainty.

V. users and local quality control departments shall be notified in writing of the equipment that has reached the design period.

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